Carpet Cleaning

A parent helping their child walk on their freshly cleaned carpet

Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning service is what TNT Chem-Dry has built our award-winning reputation on here in the Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood area. Our goal each time we set foot into our customer’s front door is to turn that customer into a long time satisfied client and provide a service they can trust for many years to come. We believe in honest pricing, hard-working technicians with an eye for detail.

The Natural®

So how do we clean your carpet? And do we use Chemicals? These are questions asked all the time by curious clients. First of all the “Chem” in Chem-Dry stands for “Chemistry, NOT Chemicals.” The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solution called The Natural® has been the Proprietary ingredient for over 35 years and certified Green by the I.T.C. labs. This exclusive cleaning solution generates natural CO2 to produce millions of tiny, effervescent bubbles which penetrate the carpet fiber, dissolve dirt and stains quickly, and actually lift dirt to the surface for extraction. Think of it as a supercharged club soda, we call it Hot Carbonation Extraction, and completely safe for your family, home, and pets!

The Process

Many steam cleaning companies use too much water which can lead to mold and bacteria issues, or some companies use no water at all. Some use a dry powder or harsh chemicals and clean with a buffing pad. Some use extraction or maybe not at all. And some never use heat? Our carpet cleaning process is the perfect balance of emulsification. We use just the right amount of water, effective rotating agitation, a natural carbonated cleaning solution that is heated to over 200 degrees and combines this with the powerful Truck-Mount Extraction we provide the deepest clean with a fast dry time of 2 to 3 Hours! We also pay close attention to the details, of stain removal, edging, and grooming the carpet. We are experts in Pet Odor Removal and carpet repair and stretching.

Your Home

We promise to treat you, your home, your family, and pets with the utmost of courtesy and care. Our technicians are highly trained and clearly uninformed and we understand that getting ready to have your carpeting cleaned is a big job, especially for you. And we promise to call at least 30 minutes before we arrive so that you know we are on the way – all because we respect you, your valuable time, and your home.

The Benefits

It’s not uncommon for a client to watch our cleaning process with amazement and actually see what is being lifted up and out of the carpet.  Not only are the results amazing, but so is the peace of mind knowing our deep cleaning is the healthy and safe decision for your family and pets. Our cleaning also brings back the soft plushness of your carpet without leaving a sticky or dirt-attracting residue.

The bottom line is that we get it right. From the moment you call TNT Chem-Dry or email to request our service, to the time we say “goodbye and thank you,” we care as much about the experience as you do. And our biggest compliment is when you tell your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about our service and knowing our reputation is on the line.

We have three carpet cleaning packages to choose from, our Basic Deep Clean, the Stain Fighter Package or our most popular Healthy Home Package. We can deep clean, sanitize and deodorize your carpet and Co-apply our Chem-Dry Protectant to refresh and restore factory-like stain resistance, perfect for busy homes with kids and pets.

We’re proud to serve clients all over the Brentwood TN, Franklin, and Nashville area.  Call today and experience the TNT Chem-Dry difference.